The best AirDoctor air purifier sale is happening this weekend: Sale on Sale!

Save up to $840 during the final two days of AirDoctor’s Sale on Sale promotion.

Published 09/24/2022

If you’re looking to buy one, or even better, more than one air purifier, there’s a sale you won’t want to miss this weekend. The sale is on AirDoctor air purifiers, and you can save as much as $840 through Sunday, September 25th.

AirDoctor air purifiers on sale

Every air purifier AirDoctor makes are a part of the sale. This includes their tried-and true 5000, 3000 and 1000 models as well as they newly released AirDoctor 2000.

AirDoctor Air Purifier Sale

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If you have been looking to purchase more than one air purifier, this is the sale for you. The deepest discounts are when bundling more than one air purifier. For instance, if you wanted to purchase an Air Doctor air purifier for a bedroom, one for the kitchen and another for your living room, you’d be looking at buying three air purifiers.

After reviewing the suggested room size for each air purifier, we’ll package up one of each of the following:

  • AirDoctor 5000 (AD5000) for the living room
  • AirDoctor 3000 (AD3000) for the kitchen
  • AirDoctor 2000 (AD2000) for the bedroom

Normally buying these three AirDoctor air purifiers would cost $2,017. Which, for their performance and coverage area, is a reasonable price. But, with AirDoctor’s initial sale price, the three units would cost $1,327. But, with their “Sale on Sale’ through Sunday 9/24, the final price after all discounts is only $1,177!

That is a savings of $840! View all the sale prices.

Every AirDoctor air purifier is on sale (even if you just need one)

Whether you need one, two or more air purifiers, every model AirDoctor makes is discounted during this sale event.

Single AirDoctor air purifier pricing through Sunday:

ModelNormal PriceSale Price
AirDoctor AD1000$399$279
AirDoctor AD2000$389$269
AirDoctor AD3000$629$349
AirDoctor AD5000$999$699

We have information on each model here on FairerAir if you’re still researching which AirDoctor air purifiers to buy on our AirDoctor 1000, AirDoctor 2000, AirDoctor 3000 and AirDoctor 5000 pages.

Pricing is only available through AirDoctor

The only place where the discounted sale pricing exists is on the AIrDoctor website (purchasing directly from AirDoctor).

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