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We pulled together this AirDoctor air purifier guide to hopefully answer any questions you might have when shopping for an air purifier.

The are literally dozens of air purifier brands and hundreds of air purifier models to choose from today. Here on Fairer Air we include the best air purifier brands, one of which is AirDoctor.

About AirDoctor

Founded in 2016, California-based AirDoctor is an air purifier manufacturer which is part of the Ideal Living family of brands. The segment AirDoctor is in would best be defined as HEPA consumer grade air purifier although many AirDoctor customers are businesses or organizations including doctors offices, schools, universities and hotels.

Each AirDoctor air purifier has a 3-stage filter designed to remove allergens, bacteria, dust, mold, pet dander, pollen smoke, viruses and VOCs from the air. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds come mainly from man-made chemicals and can carry with the both short and long-term health issues including causing cancer.

There are four air purifiers in the AirDoctor lineup: AirDoctor 1000, AirDoctor 2000, AirDoctor 3000 and AirDoctor 5000. Each model shares the same type of filter and features.

What to look for in an air purifier

Our advice for anyone purchasing an air purifier is to look for the following features (at a minimum):

  • HEPA filtration - HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air (filter), a term defined by the United States Department of Energy. According to the EPA website, HEPA filters “can theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns.” AirDoctor includes better than HEPA level filters.
  • Sealed Enclosure - Even with a HEPA filter, an air purifier needs to have a fully sealed enclosure to operate efficiently and keep the airborne particulates it captures from escaping back into the air.
  • Carbon/VOC filter - A carbon or VOC filter traps gases and volatile organic compounds. It also removes odors from the air by breaking them down.
  • Air Quality Sensor and Auto Mode - Air purifiers with a PM2.5 air quality sensor can automatically increase or decrease fan speed based upon changing air quality. We think this is a must in any air purifier.
  • Warranty - Any product worth its salt should have a warranty of at least one year. AirDoctor warrants its air purifiers for a full year and has a 30-day money back guarantee.

How AirDoctor purifies the air

Air is pulled into the AirDoctor and is routed through its three stages of filtration by a WhisperJet fan.

First, larger particles are captured by the pre-filter. This step extends the life of the filter by protecting the HEPA filter. Second, finer airborne particles and pollutants like mold, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, smoke and viruses are trapped in the AirDoctor HEPA filter. Third, ozone, gases, VOCs and odors are trapped and broken down by a Carbon/VOC filter. Finally, the purified air is returned into the room.

Each AirDoctor model is capable of cleaning all the air in a room a few to several times per hour. This is known as ACH, or air changes per hour. How many air changes can be performed per hour depend on the air purifier and size of the room.

AirDoctor comparison chart

As we mentioned above, there are four AirDoctor air purifier models. For best results, it is recommended that one AirDoctor is used in each room. As model numbers increase, so does the rooms size each air purifier is designed to work in.

Room Size *285 sq.ft.305 sq.ft.638 sq.ft.1,001 sq.ft.
EnergyStar CertifiedYesYesYesYes
Particle SensorPM 2.5PM 2.5PM 2.5PM 2.5
Air Quality IndicatorYesYesYes
HEPA filterYesYesYesYes
Carbon/VOC filterYesYesYesYes
Fan Speeds4444
Auto ModeYesYesYesYes
Child LockYesYesYesYes
Sound34dB - 54dB40dB - 55dB39dB - 59dB30dB - 50dB
Weight10 lb.10 lb.18 lb.33 lb.

* 4 ACH (Air Changes per Hour)

It is also worth noting that you may want to consider buying one model over what any manufacturer recommends. Here’s why. If an air purifier is rated for 500 square feet, it means it can perform the stated number of air changes per hour at its highest fan setting.

Any air purifier on its highest setting is going to be loud. Beyond noise, the highest setting on an air purifier does put more strain on the motor, potentially shortening its lifespan.

No WiFi, No Smart Features

None of the AirDoctor air purifiers have what are called Smart Features. Smart Features include things like scheduling and the ability to operate and monitor the air purifier remotely. These features rely on an WiFi connection and a downloadable app.

Some people prefer having a non-Smart air purifier and will be happy with any AirDoctor model. The most common reasons for not wanting smart features include simplicity and security.

Depending on what you personally want in an air purifier, this may or may not matter to you. Having used air purifiers with and without Smart features, we are just fine without them.

Indoor air quality at a glance

Often you cannot see or smell pollutants, irritants and particles in the air. But, whether the quality of the air is noticeable or not, AirDoctor provides a visual representations of how clean or dirty the air in a room is.

Each AirDoctor displays one of three colors, red, yellow or blue, on the top of the air purifier.

  • Red indicates indoor air quality is poor.
  • Yellow indicates indoor air quality is moderate.
  • Blue indicates indoor air quality is good.

Best AirDoctor price

We recommend buying online directly from AirDoctor. While we often find deeper discounts on products on Amazon, we have yet to find lower pricing anywhere beyond the AirDoctor website.

AirDoctor 2000 Air Purifier

AirDoctor 2000

3-Stage Smart Air Purifier for Medium Rooms

AirDoctor 1000 Air Purifier

AirDoctor 1000

3-Stage Smart Air Purifier for Small Rooms

AirDoctor 5000 Air Purifier

AirDoctor 5000

3-Stage Smart Air Purifier for Extra Large Rooms

AirDoctor 3000 Air Purifier

AirDoctor 3000

3-Stage Smart Air Purifier for Large Rooms

AirDoctor Air Purifiers